Todays quote

20170510_084509.jpgGood morning! It’s a beautiful day here, and I’m excited to get started.  I thought I would start today out with a quote:

The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain

I am just starting to realize that merely wanting something is not enough. It takes hard work, it takes being uncomfortable, it takes commitment.  But the first thing it takes is that first step,  you have to start to get anywhere.  I am ready to start! Let’s not let today pass without  putting in the effort to better ourselves.


Sunshine, Rain drops and some tips to get out the door

Yes! What a perfect day for our run this morning.

Things are still a little drippy from the rain yesterday and last night,  but blue skys and sunshine are breaking through the clouds. By the time we headed out the door the temperature was 45 degrees, just where I like it!

My parents got back from vacation yesterday, and that means I have my  training partner/mom and babysitter/ dad back. I was able to get a fast two and a half miles in, stroller free, before I headed back to the house to grab the kiddo. Me the bug, and grandma went for another five mile interval work out, making my total workout this morning 7.5 miles. I hoping that the Dada will want to go for a run after work this evening, motivating me to get out there again.

Man, its pretty amazing how much better I feel after a good run. Evey time! Its crazy that I still sometimes have a tough time getting myself out the door. Here are a few tricks I use when I’m struggling to find the motivation to get out there.

  • Have a plan/ partner:  My mom and I have been running together the same three days a week since I moved back to town a few years ago. When we are both in town there is no question weather or not are going… we are going. Even if one of us is unavailable, because of sickness or vacation, the other still goes. Its just part of our weekly routine. Leading into tip 2…
  • Make it a habit: Like I said above, I know I am heading out the door at least every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. It just is. If for some reason I am unable to run one of those days it just feels weird. That is my normal now and it feels good.
  • Have a goal: This one is huge for me. Maybe a lot of people can head out the door and run for the love of running, but I need something to work towards. I am very competitive by nature. I’m not trying to win most races I enter, but I’m definitely trying to do MY best. Keeping that in mind during training really helps me stay on track.
  • Google Motivational quotes:  Seriously, I do this and its pretty incredible how quickly it gets me pumped up. All of that positivity condensed onto my little screen is sometimes all I need.
  • Realize why it’s worth it: I hate missing a workout.. i definitely do it, it happens. But I always feel like shit. I run because numer one, I do love it, but also because I know it keeps me sane, It keeps me healthy, it gives me a goal, its positive remodeling for my son… well I have lots of reasons. Find yours and use those.
  • Just do it: Dont be a butthead, don’t make excuses. Seriously, just do it.

I hope some of those help you get out there today, and tomorrow…and all the other days! God speed and a good tailwind 😉

Rain, rain go away

Good morning! It’s pouring rain today, quite the switch up from the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I love running in the rain, but without a baby sitter for bug it’s not going to happen this morning. It’s still early though, so depending on what the weather does we might get out there later.  If not, I will settle for a cross training day! How about another quote to get the day off to a good start.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” – Willie Nelson

Well said Willie. I’ve realized that I have been a more negetive person than I’d like to admit. I know it has been holding me back. I have decided to really focus on my positivity and see where that takes me. Even in the last week or so, just since I have had this awareness, I have been consciously changing my attitude. Changing my knee jerk negative reactions to positive thoughts.  It works! I’ve been happier and more motivated. I feel like if I focus on this for a while positivity will become my default.

Oh I loooove the rain, happy to have a morning off from running to get some good cross traing in! Staying positive 😉

Day 2 check in

Alright! Two days down and feeling good!

Bug and I went on another run this morning.  Five miles of intervals – a fast mile, followed by a quarter mile slow jog, fast mile again, slow quarter mile and so on. Its a great workout, and I think it really has helped improve my speed this year.

Again, the stroller ride was a success! My time wasn’t as good as I  was hoping for, maybe I’ll blame that on stopping to collect rocks and leaves for the bug’s ride. In reality, though, I think taking a week and a half off with a cold set me back more than I expected. All the more reason to stay motivated and work harder right?

We ate pretty well again today. We are not commited to the Whole30 diet right now. ( I am waiting until after the relay, it being less than 30 days away… and called the Bend BEER chase.) But I am using the whole30 guidlines when I make most of my  meals.  Tonights dinner was a beef burger patty that i seasoned, added an egg ,dijon mustard and some very finely minced kale to (sneaking in those greens). Baked yukon gold “frys”, salad with an awesome home made honey mustard dressing (not whole30, but I will adapt it when the time comes) and pickles for the bug! I also topped the burgers with avocado and this awesome bacon I found at grocery outlet for a great price. The brand is greenfield, not quite Whole30, because of the sugar added, but its all of the other good stuff! No antibiotics, no nitrates, humaley , hogs… and quite tastey.

Ok, another day down that I’m feeling pretty good about! Let’s keep it up. Seeya tomorrow!


Welcome to my blog!

Hi there!

My name is Kayla, I am a Mama, a partner, a runner and an outdoors enthusiast. I have recently made a conscious decision to strive to become my best self. I am starting this blog today for motivation and accountability.

I plan on sharing my success and my struggles on the way to healthy and happy living. I’m also going to through in lots of tips so we can work on this together!

Here is the list of my top 10 goals, and what i will be working towards while writing this blog:

1. Be a great mom

2. Be a great partner

3. Become a more seriouse runner

4. Run my first marathon

5. Add in cross training days

6 . Make healthy eating a lifestyle

7. Actually finish a Whole30!

8. Make our house a home

9. Learn to grocery shop smarter

10. Hike more

Alright, there they are! Now… let’s get to work!








 Day 1 check in

Well it is the end of day one for being accountable!

It’s hard to keep running when baby asks to hold your hand

Here is what I was up too…

On the running front, things went well! Me and the kiddo have had a cold for over a week so my usual running routine has been a bit off. I decided to pick things back up today with a hill workout while pushing the jogging stroller.  I did a nice 1.5 mile warm up, ending at the bottom of steep 70ish meter hill. We did 10 hill sprints (more like trudges) and finished with a mile cool down.

Me, my mom and Dada are training for our first relay in June. Its a 50 mile course where each team member will run 3 legs. So when Dada got home from work and asked if I wanted to join him for his run i figured it would be a great opportunity to try running, resting for a while,  then getting back up to run again! Well… it was not awesome.  It was a tough start! After the first mile though I had warmed up and finishing our easy three mile run seemed doable.

So, no records broken,  nothing outstanding acomplished on the runs today, but I am so happy that I got out there and did it.

Things I thought about and tips I can share… First, as cliche as it sounds, just get out there. As tough as it is to get yourself motivated and as many excuses as we have not to step out the door, they are not worth it. They are not worth missing that oppurtunity to feel good about yourself. Not worth missing the oppurtunity to better yourself. Just go, I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Second tip is about running with a toddler. When I first started running with my little guy he cried every. Single. Time. I tried toys, music, we even tried to jimmy rig my phone so he could watch cartoons! Nothing worked. Finally, within the last month or so he’s actually started to enjoy it! Maybe I’ve figured it out!…or my bug is finally at the right age to be semi ok with riding in the stroller. But, what I have found that works best for us is if I keep him engaged most of the time. So I talk to him constantly. We use it as a learning oppurtunity too! We talk about the blue sky and the green grass, the red car. Today we counted bikes. When doing the hill runs he helped me keep track by setting aside one rock for each hill until we got to 10. Since I have started talking with him and giving him things to think about he has been awesome on runs. For our second run today he even climbed willingly,  dare I say happily, into the stroller! That’s a success in our home!

Today was a good healthy food day too! Me and bug shared a nice lunch of humms, cucumbers, carrots, deli turkey, string cheese and crackers. I’ve been trying this thing with bug, just giving him a bunch of healthy options on one plate and hoping he finds some thing he will actually eat. Today he snacked on most everything… victory. For dinner we had this salad :


I seasoned some chicken breast, sweet potatos, peppers and onions with a home made taco seasoning and threw them on a sheet pan and into the oven to roast. I used all the greens from the fridge, kale, spinach, romaine and cabbage as the base and added whatever veggies i could find. Topped it off with guacamole and salsa as the “dressing” and it was good to go. I’ve made this salad with many different combos of veggies and every time, its just right.

Well I think thats enough for day one! Thanks for holding me accountable and wish me luck on my journey tomorrow!